Just in a twinkle of an eye the fearful Ugly beast with the name Covid-19 came racing from the east of the earth, challenging all men to a fight with him as it dwells in all “Man-Made Structures” and made men refugees in their lands.
Men became fearful of their own creations, isolated from their luxuries.
The Thomas’s who believed in only the mixture of their chemicals suddenly realized they are pencils in the hand of their creator.
Nations who pride themselves to be the World Power, to them, who believed to have the best structures and technologies for the living and the unborn unanimously agreed that all is vanity.
The Custodian of the universe laugh at humanity “How ungrateful are these ones whom I have made in my image and blessed. So toxicating are their thoughts that they forgot, though My grace is sufficient, I am equally a consuming fire.”
In his bid to adjust on his throne, the world went into confusion, the great and the small dancing to the same beating and rhythms of the drums.
Men are told that all they made to ease life could destroy them, restrictions place on handshakes, easing of a lump in the glottis became dangerous, a warm embrace can turn to the end of a man, gathering of men became a threat, indeed men became refugees in their lands.
Masses laugh and mock the Ambassadors of lies, greed and poverty who parade themselves as leaders, who believed that the state of their health depends on the predictions of man-made machines and pills that can only be gotten by the looting of the public funds, they, who squandered the funds allocated for better amenities for their unborn generations at the expense of the sufferings of the poor, came to the awakening that men can never be wiser than their “chi”
The gap between the rich and the poor grew thinner as they all fight the same battle and sanity is being restored to the proud.
The beast dances at the marker square, jumps to the melodies of good sounds with them who rather smoke, drink and keep wake at night than enjoy the free given rest by their creator.
The promiscuous man and woman became so faithful, men suspend all their addicts and seek for mercies.
Then came a loud cry from the four parts of the earth, who will save humanity from this beast?
The world aid providers are getting tired, the wisdom of men has been mocked, the earthy acquired riches are now worthless, all the routes that connect nations of the world have been declared dangerous, families suspect themselves, friends gradually turning to strangers, the voices of the faithful getting weary.
Finally, the creator of the universe has declared his presence, again he has established in the history of the universe that he is I Am That I Am, The God of gods, Humanity last Resort, The creator of the universe, “The humbler of the proud and The wisdom of the wise”
Oh Lord all compassion, humanity has realized how worthless and fragile they are without you, they have agreed that no one contends with you.
In repentance and humility, we ask you to please forgive us and heal our Land!!
Comr. Samuel Ndukwe




MARCH 2020

Published by Emmanuel M Ifeanyi

Simplicity is the key

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